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Welcome! We are pleased that you have interest in learning about the many benefits of gift plans. If you have any questions about the best way for you to benefit through a planned gift, please call. A member of our Planned Giving Team will be very pleased to help you.

Planned Giving helps you meet your personal, financial and estate planning goals by making a lifetime or testamentary charitable gift. Learn about the benefits below.

Thank you for your interest in Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley. Our hope is to serve you and your family with helpful information.

We have complete tax update service for CPAs, attorneys, CLUs, CFPs, ChFCs, trust officers and other professional friends. The GiftLaw services are made available to all advisors as a free service. We are available to assist in helping you provide clients with clear and understandable gift illustrations.

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Legacy Philanthropic Funds

You will find a Legacy Philanthropic Fund to be an excellent way to supplement your charitable gift giving while setting in motion a permanent donation to the Federation. It is easy to open, offers significant financial and tax benefits, and simplifies future giving. It can be established through a minimum $2,500 gift of cash, appreciated stock, other assets or trust distributions. The Federation then invests the cash, or the asset proceeds, in the Lehigh Valley Jewish Foundation. Your Legacy Philanthropic Fund is then credited with a pro rata share of earnings and appreciation and you will receive an annual update on the fund's market value as well as dollars available for grants.

As the fund advisor, you have the annual right to recommend the qualified organizations that will receive distributions from your fund. You can give other family members the right to recommend distributions, or you can establish separate philanthropic funds for other family members. You or your designee can make grants to any program or project which fits within the broad charitable purposes of the Federation, either locally, nationally or globally.

The assets of your philanthropic fund grow tax-free. The Federation administers the fund, writes all checks and makes all distributions in the fund's name. Since your philanthropic fund is a component fund of the Federation, all gifts to it are considered gifts to a public charity, qualifying for all the favorable tax rules which apply to public charities.

Benefits you enjoy:

  1. Provides flexibility regarding your philanthropic distributions and goals.
  2. Provides an opportunity to include multiple generations in your philanthropy.
  3. When you give appreciated long-term capital assets such as stocks or mutual fund shares to your fund, you avoid capital gains tax.
  4. Provides the maximum income tax deduction for your gift in the year of the gift (with carryover). The fund earns income and appreciates tax-free.
  5. You are provided a receipt at the time of your initial gift and as subsequent gifts are made to your philanthropic fund.
  6. Federation will notify you annually of the market value of your fund and the amount of your fund available for distribution to the qualified charity or charities of your choice.
  7. The Federation writes all checks and makes all distributions in the name of your fund or anonymously if you prefer. Federation will provide you with a written statement detailing all of the distributions made each year.
  8. Upon your death or when you are unable to continue to recommend distributions and absent an accepted written final recommendation, your Legacy Philanthropic Fund will become an unrestricted fund with the Federation bearing your fund's name.